Quick Update

Hello there everyone. deMolay/Kronos here.

The enjin site ran out of credit a week or so ago.
Instead of paying for things we don’t really need anymore, I asked Tim for permission to take control of the site again to be able to¬†install a simpler, FREE, straight forward alternative.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be setting up the site and forums. The only downside to this is having to re-register. I apologize for that but hopefully this will be our final migration/modification. To this day I still miss the old forums =(

In any event, CF is not going anywhere, don’t get all scared. I actually got myself Legacy of the Void. I hope some of you old timers come back for this one.

The plan for the site and forums, as well as the order for the completion of this tasks is summarized below:

  • Get the domain redirected
  • Get wordpress¬†installed
  • Install genesis framework
  • Install custom theme
  • Install BBpress forums
  • Make sure registration and all that jazz is sorted, for simplicity purposes I’ll do ‘public chat’ + ‘inner sanctum’ as the only two options for now.
  • v1 of styling for site + forums
  • v2 of styling for site+forums